Audio Visual Communications




Founded  in  1996   by   Ali Abu Kwaik Highly specialized in Broadcasting and Audiovisual   media in the Arab world; Its mission is to achieve business prosperity through  creating a true partnership with Arab broadcaster both public and private for total quality service in programming and  technology .


Scope of work?

It provides a full range of technical services to broadcasting organizations and  related fields in the region, including  consultation, system design ,project management ,installation ,commissioning and maintenance. AVC can also cooperate with equipment manufacturers in a various business relation such as joint venture, agent, distributor and market surveyor.



Regional system integrator , specialized in Broadcasting and related fields  based in Amman Jordan and totally devoted for

quality and customer care solutions .



:Business partner with several international companies such as  

Grass Valley  ( Thomson ) , JVC Professional , Fujinon ,  Video Tek , Dalet ,  Cartoni , Ianiro , RVR , SAV , WBS , IDX , Clear-Com , BT , S&W , Evertz , DNF , Carlec , Telos ( Omnia , Axia ) , Media , Percon  ...etc




Maram  center Office  NO : 203 , Wasfi AL-TAL Str.

  P.O.Box 961138    Amman  11196 Jordan

  Tel. : +962 (06) 5530581  Fax. : +962 (06) 5523502

Email : avc@avcalwaseet.com

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